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Redefining Health Care as Full Life Care

Since 1980, Tidewell has provided the highest quality care to patients and families living with advanced illness, while honoring human dignity and personal choice. Tidewell strives to treat the whole person — fulfilling physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs — and views the patient and his/her family as a unit. You are invited to explore all the programs and services Tidewell has to offer. You will discover Tidewell is really about building relationships — providing the comfort and support to deal with complex and difficult issues while finding joy in each day.

Our Hospice Care

Expert, compassionate end-of-life care, wherever you call home

Specialized Care

In-home services to
help clients remain independent

Our Team Approach

Palliative care and in-home physician visits

Pediatric Hospice Care

Skilled care and therapies for homebound patients

Grief Services

Support for anyone experiencing the loss, or anticipated loss, of a loved one

Paying for Hospice

On-site pharmacies and durable medical equipment for everyone we serve