The late Bob Holm shared his gifts of compassion and support for individuals and families impacted by HIV through his longtime volunteer service with EPIC (Empath Partners in Care), a member of Empath Health.

In recognition and celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week, we bring you the story of Holm, his favorite coffee shop and their outpouring of support for EPIC’s Brighter Seasons for Children program.

Holm gave a warm welcome and support to clients who visited EPIC’s St. Petersburg campus. He died last year.

“Bob sat at our front desk, answered phones and greeted clients for six years. He looked like Santa and had the heart to match. He was always a friendly face and so kind to everyone,” said Sheryl Hoolsema, EPIC’s director of Pinellas County.

At his favorite Brew D Licious local coffee shop, Holm held a special friendship with the shop owner, Brigitte. Each year the two coordinated a collection of toys and other items on the wish lists of children served by EPIC’s Brighter Seasons. The giving grew stronger after his death.

Hoolsema shared, “Brigitte put up an angel tree and gathered gifts for our kids. In the past they would take about 10 of our kids, but when Bob passed away, Brigitte contacted me to take extra kids as they wanted to do more in memory of Bob. He had been a loyal friend to her and was so well loved by the customers and other people who knew him. They were able to gather gifts for over 20 of our kids so that they would have a brighter holiday season.”

Grateful for Support

A big thanks to the community for your kindness and generosity to the many people we serve at EPIC and Empath Health. Click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. Click here to learn more about our giving opportunities.